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What Wing Foil is?

Wing Foil is the latest in board sports: the practice consists of the manipulation of a wing held with two hands and not connected to the board called “wing” and a hydrofoil mounted on a short SUP board. It is a practice halfway between Windfoil, Kite Foil and SUP Foil.

The hydrofoil allows you to take off above the water and surf above the surface.

Wing Foil is practiced on a short but wide and thick (bulky) stand up paddle board to allow the rider to stand up quickly.

Starting Wing Foil allows you to feel new sensations of glide but especially to move easily and freely on any type of water while keeping the equipment relatively simple and easy to set up. It can be practised in any wind direction but is most interesting in downwind with a crosswind..

The major interest of the Wing Foil is to be able to move with the most freedom possible on the water by using both wind and swell energy. The wing brings a lot of manoeuvrability and facilitates the take-off of the foil by using a constant force (the wind).

The lightness and mobility of the kite makes it possible to alternate practices during the same session. It is a very playful medium.