The Funboat is a small, easy-to-use catamaran, suitable for both young and old. Even a beginner will be able to sail and return to the beach without help. It is the “pedal boat with sail”. It can carry up to one adult and one child.

An extraordinary teaching tool


  • One sheet, one helm, that’s all it takes to discover the pleasure of sailing
  • It is very difficult to capsize and it is easy to get back on board.


  • Funboat starts right up. “It’s so cool”, say all those who have tried it.

Instant, Funboat is rigged in the blink of an eye.

  • 1 – put the sail on the mast
  • 2 – put the mast in the root
  • 3 – clip the boom, sail and rudder
  • 4 – jump on board! – enfilez la voile sur le mât


  • a very attractive introductory price.